tisdag 19 februari 2013

Rosa = Pink

We had a nice girls weekend, Rosa and I. Mr S was home sick so we decided to get out of the house and go visit some friends. Saturday we spent with friends who has two girls. Rosa really looked up to the bigger girl who is 4 and was happy to play with her and all her girlie things. She loved to try on all her necklaces and princess dresses. On Sunday we went to another fiend who also has two little girls. The princess dresses came out at their house as well and Rosa was in heaven. She is such a girlie girl at the moment and we have not done anything for her to become like that, it's really cute. Pink is her favorite colour as well. She is really living up to her name, Rosa = pink.

lördag 19 januari 2013

Starting up again

Time to start writing again. For my husbands family living in New Zealand this time. It was two years ago I wrote, we were living in Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. Rosa was 1 year. She is now a big three year old with a strong mind. We live in Sweden. Rosa goes to daycare full time and loving playing with her friends.
Winter in Sweden is harsh. Today, -16 and sun. Because the sun was beaming through the window we didn't think it was that bad, it was freezing! The sun didn't even make it better. As soon as I got outside me feet turned to ice and my legs felt like all the skin, fat and flesh came off and I was standing there with only my bones. "There is now bad weather, only bad clothing". Says my mother. It's not cold, it's fresh! Lucky we got indoor malls. Cool kid, cool t-shirt

torsdag 23 december 2010

God Jul

Kramar från kiwimamman, Snuttan och Mr S

lördag 18 december 2010

All good again

After one long week the tummy bug has left the building.
Mr S got it as well (of course) so on Thursday and Friday we were all at home not feeling the greatest, sat inside and felt sorry for ourselves. It's strange how sick you always are compare to others. As soon as Mr S complained and said something like - Ooooooh, now my neck hurts now as well! I responded with something like, -Yeah, my neck hurt as well, and can you imagine taking care of our baby ALL day by yourself when you are feeling like that? We kept comparing like that the whole weekend. The person who didn't complain at all was Snuttan. She just played, ate, drank and slept a lot!

Now we are looking forward to a Christmas with lots of yummy food to make up for the dry toast we been eating for a week.

måndag 13 december 2010

Tummy bug

What's worse than getting the tummy bug, when your baby gets the tummy bug as well!

I started feeling terrible on Saturday night after the big party. I was a bit worried that it was the food we had during the day, but it turned out to be a tummy bug. How single mums do it, I don't understand? I was written off all Sunday, couldn't even get out of bed, Mr S did everything. Then last night Snuttan started vomiting, poor little girl. She cried and had a sore tummy all night. Today she has been much better but tired. She slept 5 hour all together during the day. She eaten some toast and cooked apple and I'm trying to get fluid into her. It's hard work when you don't feel great yourself. Now we missed our mums group catch up and Rosa had her Lucia outfit all ready :(

Hopefully it will all be over by tomorrow...

fredag 10 december 2010


Wow! What a fun party we had for our little girl and her boy friend today!
The food was awesome, and the cake looked pretty too.

Lilla Skutt loves trees, so I made her a tree cake

So much yummy food!

Friend from Antenatal group

Great aunty Sandy, Aunty Elly and Nana Ness and Snuttan of course

Snuttan's almost twin, born one day apart and his beautiful mamma

Loves swimming and playing with Aunty Elly

Snuttans youngest friend, only one week old

Mr S overlooking the bbq

Me and my baby


1 year old

My baby turned 1 today!

We woke her up by singing happy birthday (ja, ma hon leva)
well, she was already awake of course but was just chilling in her bed, talking to her blanket.
She looked very surprised when we came in and then got excited when she saw all the presents and the Swedish flag.
She got very spoilt with gifts from my family, Mr S family and from friends. She got a walker from her mormor and she got up and walked straight away holding on for dear life!
Amazing, she will be walking without support in no time!
From Mr S family she got a walker that you can reverse to a bike, very cool and she loved that as well.
Tomorrow there will be more fun to have, the big birthday pool party!