måndag 11 oktober 2010

My new passion

I have fallen in love with Ashtanga yoga. It's an amazing way to get strong and fit, but why I love it so much is for the way I feel walking away from a class. My body feels tired, but strong, soft and realigned. My mind are calm and happy.

When you walk into the class it's all quiet. The style I do is called "Mysore", it means that the teacher teach you individually the different poses and each time you come you will try to remember the poses in the right order. So all levels come to the same class and are doing their own thing. Remembering is not my strong side - still after doing the same routine for 4 months I still have to get the teachers attention to ask what comes next. The teacher is great, he is very calm but pushes me to do stretches and strengthening poses that I never thought I would be able to do. He figured out that my lower back is funny and sore from just watching me do the yoga and is helping me get it back to normal.

There is a deeper side to yoga of course, more spiritual, and that intrigues me, but i still just see it as a way to exercise, to get time out from being mamma to my little snutta and get that feeling of calmness.

There are a big range of people coming to the classes. Super fit yoga people that have been practising for years doing headstands and breathing really loud, middle aged men with bad backs, postnatal mums, surfers and other athletes.
The breathing part is really important and it helps a lot if you do it right. It great for child birth too!

I just regret I didn't start years ago.


söndag 10 oktober 2010


It was a long time ago I had to get up during the night.
Pyttisen didn't drink all her bottle last night, her teeth must be bothering her too much, so she woke up at 3.30am crying. I thought she was sore but the teething balm didn't help so I gave her a bottle, she drank the whole thing and went straight back to sleep. While I was sitting in the livingroom feeding her I thought about how big she actually is now, and how much babies grow in only one year. She started out like a tiny little bird that couldn't lift her head and had to be fed every hour and now she is this loud girl who can eat by her self and has an extremely strong will. These 10 months have been so long and so much have happened, but it's gone really fast at the same time, and i must say I enjoyed every stage she has gone through so far and really looking forward to the next.

lördag 9 oktober 2010

Sunday fun with pappa

10-10-10 and 10 months!

Today is the 10th of October (month 10) 2010 and my little älskling is turning 10 months!
We are celebrating with some bonjela for her sore gums, pamol for her fevers and
lots and lots of kisses and cuddles.

fredag 8 oktober 2010

The summers first bbq...

...without the actual bbq.
Yesterday we had a work catch up with Mr S work mates.
Me and the other stay at home mums decided to do it and
brought all the food.
I made a pasta salad, tasting like a real 80s salad with curry mayonnaise.
We sat outside in the garden and ate and drank, it was lovely, except pyttisen was sore with her teeth and not up for playing with the other kids.
It's so nice to just be able to do things like that, don't know if that would happen so often in Sweden.

Today we have to get out in the garden and do some work. It looks like a jungle out there and my neighbours starting to give me hints. All the people living around us are old retired people that have the garden as their biggest hobby. I even started to feel ashamed to not have a perfect garden. So today is the the day! Too bad it's been raining all night and the ground is all wet.

Top teeth

Oh, Snuttan has been so sore the last couple of days. She had a fever and been out of character. I thought she got the cold I have had the last week, but yesterday I saw the top teeth coming through. Her gums are red and swollen, oh so sore!
Today she seem to feel a little bit better after doing the biggest poo that went everywhere. She hasn't done that since she was a little baby.


Okay, I have now been writing in swedish since I started this blog, (on my due date in December last year) and I'm getting a bit over having to change a to å, a to ä and o to ö by copy and paste, to much on a hassel! So I hope my dear family and friends who are reading this will still follow me.

This way the other side of my family can also follow me. They live a little way away from us, so they would probably also appreciate the updates of my little baby girl.

Summer is almost here in Mount Maunganui and last weekend we went down to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. I love the mount in the summertime...